Tips for dressing during pregnancy

It's no secret that pregnancy is hard; nausea, heartburn, body aches.. and what's with the bloody noses? Pregnant women have enough on their plates to have to worry about how to dress their ever-changing body. During my pregnancy I battled every day with what to wear, what would fit at what stage, what maternity clothes should look like... This is what Innate was created from. A desire to help women in all stages of motherhood feel confident in their style. This post will detail my top 5 tips for dressing during pregnancy. 

The Swings Dress


You're not going to feel your most confident, vibrant self if you're fidgeting with too tight waist bands or tops that are too short. Buy clothes in the size you actually need now instead of trying to make your pre-pregnancy clothes work and look for comfortable materials like cotton and viscose. 

The Heartburn Set



Think Annie Parks in Father of the Bride 2. An oversized button up paired with a bump is such a timeless, darling look. Wear it open over a dress, or buttoned up with your favorite pair of biker shorts, you need a button up for classic maternity style. 

striped button up for classic style

The Parks Oversized Button Up 



When all else fails, have 2-3 go to pieces that you can always count on. A dress that perfectly accentuates your bump, a comfortable set that you feel put together in without too much effort. These will be your go-to's when you're not feeling your best. 

The Classic Button Up Shirt Dress



Every pregnant women's closet needs to be full of dresses. Flowing dresses with room to grow are preferable as they will last you all three trimesters and into postpartum. Dresses can be incredibly versatile as you dress up or down for events in your life. Pair with a sweater, blazer, button up or by themselves, dresses are a must for this stage of life. 

The Enciente Dress 


Don't underestimate a good pair of black leggings that you fit you well. Our Grow with Me leggings and biker shorts can be worn up over your bump or folded under making your comfort customizable. Wear your leggings with almost anything, because we all know maternity jeans just do not work. 


Grow With Me Leggings


There are my top 5 tips for dressing during pregnancy! Hopefully you found this helpful as you embark on this amazing journey of motherhood. 

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